Romeo & Juliet

Sets, video and costumes

Director Annett Jarewskij, Dramaturg Florian Hellwig, Light Hendrik Walther, Music, Abel Kroon Sound engineer Jeroen Hoekstra, Producer Jossie van Dongen

With Isis Cabolet, Eline van Gils, Sinem Kavus, Hedwig Koers, Tessa de Lange, Machiel Rodenburg

“They are just to lovers, one is standing on a balcony and one is not.”

This adaptation of Romeo and Juliet combines the original Shakespearean text with excerpts from contemporary writers on queer identity, love, infatuation and intimacy. Romeo & Juliet is the prime example of a romantic love story from a time long ago, but in this production it has become a celebration of love in the present time. 

Inspired by 90s pop icons and clubbing this space brings the duality of the Montague’s and Capulet’s to a concert arena with two main stages surrounded by video and live music. As Romeo and Juliet fall in love, the space changes by dropping a bridge from the ceiling, connecting the two stages and opening the path for the destructive fallout between the two families. 

Photo’s by Robert van der Ree.

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